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David Avitar ArrowheadI am in the process of updating the Anesthesia Library information transferring and expanding on the information that I have in the Library Page. All of the books that I review and list in the Anesthesia Library I own and have looked through. My recommendations for texts are well thought out and have cost me more than a few pennies to research.

Enjoy the trip as I have because it is all very good. There are a few books that have redundant material but for the most part all of these texts add something worthwhile. In the past several months I have been simplifying my reading and going back to the basics. My reading plan of one chapter a day is working out well. I recommend the text, Basics of Anesthesia by Miller as a review daily. You could not spend too much time in this text as simple as it is every line is well thought out and of value. Have a pleasant ride.

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