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Joe Average

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Here we go again about that Average thingy. Average is not a bad thing. In fact the Average Joe can be quite extrodinary. Its like the boy next door, the one all the girls are searching for. You know the type, not too tall nor too short kinda dark hair except where its starting to gray a bit; he works an average job and drives a Honda or Toyota if he lives in California or a Ford F150 truck in other parts of the country and blends in most situations. He does not stand out too much except when at a party and the wine is flowing which happens on Average maybe once or twice every couple of years – maybe. So whats the big deal its just old Average Joe acting up.

I found this web site where the Average American is discussed. According to CreativeWit the Average Man, “has sixty-nine pounds of muscle, forty-one pounds of bone, three pounds of brain – which seems to explain a lot of things.” I am beginning to understand now.  If you do a search on Google looking for the “Average Man” Yours truely and this web site comes up in the top one or two on the list which is surprising in itself – certainly not below Average. The things you find there on Google are amazing. If you want to know how much semen the Average Man produces its easy to find. Am I interested …… not really, I seem only to be interested in mine. Hmmmmm, where were we, Oh yes Google searching. Try it out yourself just for the Average Fun it could bring you. Now that is a real issue.

What I find most interesting is that the Average Man is really quite extrodinary. As a matter of fact in a recent search the Author Kevin O’Keefe has completed a tour of America in search of the ordinary; a search for the man or woman who represents most definitively all that is average in our country. At the end of the road he discovers that the “Average American” is, up close, rather extraordinary. He wrote a book just to prove it. Amazing the trouble people go to just to prove that they are really exceptional when they are just Average folk which in itself is wonderful.

The joke is that no body wants to be Average. Just look at your local High School campus. Can you find one person trying to be Average, hardly. Most everyone is seeking to be different either exceptional or degenerate but never nondescript or Average. Yet now in my dotage Average seems a good thing or something to be envied. For a competitive soul this all must seem a joke. So on an Average night like tonight I must go to sleep at an Average time like now so that I can get up at a time that Most Average person arise so that I can go to my Average job to help Average people live better Average Lives. Who would have thought it possible?

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Rain On Your Day Off

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Why is it every time I have to work it is wonderful weather with clear skys and balmy temperatures and on the day off its rainy and cold. This is not the way to put miles on the bike I would have you know. Its not just today that this has happened. Looking back now over the past several weeks the pattern is unmistakable; work days are wonderful riding weather and days off either frigid cold and windy or else rainy. Hmmmmmm, maybe their is something to this.

Lets check to local weather for an update on this afternoon on the chance that things will clear up from the gale force winds and torrential downpour that we have this morning. You never know I may still get in those needed miles on the bike before RAGBRAI. Its 144 days left before the adventure begins.

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Holy Smoley Cycling Pigs Getting Bigger

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What a great day to be alive riding the bike. This morning during our 50 miler through Montrose – hilly Montrose – I talked to Greg and Leone two native Iowa folks. As it turns out Greg’s home town of Rock Rapids Iowa is the starting point for this years RAGBRAI. Holy Smoley he has to go at least for the start of the ride so our little group just got bigger by two with Leone as stoker in their tandem.

Our little training ride this morning turned out to be hilly with about 3,000 feet of climbing during the 50 miles that we spun along to Montrose. I love the Garmin Edge 305. Not only does it give you the route you traversed but the elevation during the ride too. Thats pretty cool I think.

Sunday ride will be much of the same with our little jaunt down to South Pasadena and then up through the Rose Bowl after a rest stop in the local coffee shop. I will try to put in some extra miles Sunday just because RAGBRAI is coming in 147 days yippee!!

For those of you that do not know about RAGBRAI, I suggest finding out about this 10,000 rider rolling party through Iowa the last week of July. For those of you that are possibly interested just drop me a note or check out the Cycling Pigs web site

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Web Site Updates

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This past weeks and months have been a blur. After finishing up grad school in August and studying for boards all most of September I received results on September 29th. Vacation time in China for a month followed this great news. Once back from China work at a new job started immediately at LAC-USC Medical Center. What a rush this has been.

For the next several months work as a new nurse anesthetist demanded all my attention. Initially I was hired to work as part of the Keck School of Med group at the University Hospital USC thing. Starting at Los Angeles County hospital while the privileges came through has been really great. Funny thing happened. I was offered a teaching position at LAC-USC which I happily took. So now I am working with new students about half of the time that I am there at the hospital. As you may know I am a former LA County Employee and my file was just waiting for me to start up again. It has taken several months to complete the application process but all done now. Its official finally – I am County with a joint faculty position at USC. I am loving life now.

Jennifer and I decided to change out our living quarters and move into a house with a bigger back yard. This has not been a small feat either. We sold our town-home in Arcadia last month and moved into a smallish 3 bedroom guest house while our new place closes escrow. You begin to see why I have been so busy. Moving has been terrible with all of the packing and storing stuff here and there. We gave away some of the older furniture and only kept the newer stuff but we are still very cramped in our temporary place. The new house that is in escrow will need a little work so we may stay here in the rental for a short time while the property has some work done. The old galvanized pipes have to go first and the swimming pool that is in the back yard in coming out as well. We have several projects planned for the place and I can’t wait to get at them. This all sounds like so much fun!

Besides all of these things I have the teaching position and didactic stuff I need to prepare to present for the nurse anestesia program. In another week I am starting a review course for the senior class that will be graduatin soon. It will be interactive and fun.

You already heard about the bicycle training that I have been up to in preparation for the RAGBRAI ride coming in July. So the days are busy but I would not have it any other way. Check out the new web site at I think its a blast.

Jennifer has been in China for the past week and a half in preparation for new year celebration with her parents. This will be for another post. I have kept away from updating you all for a good while now and there is too much to talk about but that should let you know the basics of what is going on around here. Drop me a line any time and I would love to chat.

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Training Ride Down Rio Hondo

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OK this is it – training for RAGBRAI in the rain. It just doesn’t get any better than this. The only thing is the weather has been a little unsettled after the cold front moved in this passed weekend. Sunday morning or rather Saturday night through Sunday morning it rained for real and the Sunday ride was forbidden by the wife, Oh well she just does not understand these things.

Today at noon with a mixed sky I set out for a brisk 35 miler round the loop of the Rio Hondo. Starting out with great Southern California winter weather in the 60’s, I thought I would get through the ride unscathed but that was not the final story. It was a great ride on the Look 386 all decked out for century ridin with new FSA K handlebars and all. So a little rain squall came through. Even though it was sunny intermittently, I got wet for 20 minutes or so but dried out by the end of the ride. Actually, it was really nice riding in the rain. The bike path was empty and a quiet had settled down across the Rio Hondo River that runs parallel to the bike path. The drizzle did not bother the water fowl that now frequent the renewed waterway so it was sweet tooling down the river. I did take the Garmen out of its little holder and put in in my third pocket backside during the wettest parts of the ride however.

So this is it! Iowa is calling and the RAGBRAI is coming in less than 190 days or so. It’s going to be GREAT!

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Where have all the flowers gone

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Ok I have been busy with LIFE for God’s sake and not hanging around the computer thinking up dumb things to write about. Instead I have been living and doing good stuff. Had enough of the tirade? Me too.

Actually I have been busy doing so many things that I will write about. Currently there is a new web site I can point you too that may be of interest to the die hard among you that just “have to know” all the juice details – the inside story of what has been going on around here at Average Central. The new web site is Cycling Pigs where among other things people gather just to talk about the Great Ride Across Iowa coming this July

So what is all this about riding in Iowa thingy. Well there is this RAGBRAI ride that has been going on for 35 years or so sponsored by the Des Moines Register Newspaper. I have wanted to get back to Iowa and my roots – I was born in Iowa – and have a look around.

So if you follow the links you will see that I have been up to a couple of things and I promise to write more now that things are getting more and more interesting. Oh you did not know about the new job at LAC and the faculty position I now have at USC Keck school of Med….oh and the new house that we are buying and all of the renovations that have to be done. It’s a busy life but someone has to live it! I like the sound of that.

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