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Seoul Korea

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Jennifer and I just left Seoul after a couple of days of bordom. Maybe I should not be so harsh but after spending time in China over the last several years I have certain expectations. The food in Seoul was fair, not good but fair. Actually, we get better Korean food in Arcadia California where we live. Funny isn’t it, and Arcadia is not a Korean hotbed by any means.

On to Shanghai and back to the 21st century. That place is amazing!
The pictures of our trip can be viewed at flickr but they are not up yet.

During our stay in China we will be traveling and eating the best food in the world, taking pictures and having a great time. Follow along with Charley.

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Sunday Riders Pimp Daddy

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For those of you that have followed the adventures so far you will remember that Sundays are reserved for our traditional bicycle ride into South Pasadena and back through Sierra Madre and on to Monrovia. All of these rides begin at 8:00 or so and start from Stan’s Monrovia Bikes. Rides can be had just about every day of the week starting from Stan’s but the Sunday ride is special. Here we get to meet world travelers and the famous. As an example last week we had an international playboy show up for a photo shoot. He brought along his groupies.

In the midst of all of the excitement one of the local wanna-be-pimp-daddys tried to sneak in on the action. No matter how hard Kimball tried I guess he just could not get the attention he so much ‘deserves’. However no one can fault him for trying. He is a tryer they say and from where I come from that means a lot.

So the question remains – who is this international star that attracted so much attention from all of the girls. We are taking sealed answers here at the Average Man. The one that comes up with the correct name will receive an all expense paid bicycle ride to South Pasadena funded in part by Stan’s Monrovia Bikes.

To see all of the pictures follow the link to flickr or just click for more. Read More→

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The Beach Bunny

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Going to the beach is always fun. Having nothing to do these past weeks but study, I felt a little trip to the beach to get away from distractions was in order. I could set up a little folding chair in some out of the way place, bring my books and have a pleasant afternoon concentrating on the fundamentals of safe anesthesia care. My camera in hand, just because, and the fall weather in Southern California perfect, wandering down to the shore I spotted this homeless person. It could be a homeless person I thought due to all of the torn and shredded clothing but on closer exam I noticed the Gucci handbag. Maybe you will notice other things here as well that might tip you off that this is not a typical Santa Monica homeless person. Me, I just enjoyed the weather and my studies.

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CCNA Board Exam Prep

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“OH NO MR. BILL the CCNA exam is coming in a few days and even after years of study and preparation I do not feel ready”, the little voice whispers in the back of my head. What to do about those voices.

Just as all others that have come before and for those that follow there no way around this mountain except to climb each day a little further. I have kept a picture of K2 on my wall for many years and I keep whispering to myself that one day I will be over the crest. That day is so soon approaching that it is almost too much to comprehend.
Here is a plan for CCRN board exam preparation that I have used:

Attend a Review Course. I did the Valley Anesthesia Review, there are others?
Select a few concise books for reference.

  • Morgan and Mikhail Clinical Anesthesiology
  • Barash Handbook
  • Sota Omoigui’s Drug Handbook.
  • Valley Review Course material. The Sweat Book, the Memory Master and the Mixed Reviews.
  • Anesthesiology Review by Ronald Faust

I have read through the Sweat Book twice and the Memory Master a couple of times and The Mixed Reviews from Valley anesthesia I keep with me all the time. I read through these frequently.

The Faust Anesthesiology Review is a great one to look stuff up quickly for refresher. These past three weeks since graduation I have spent 6 to 10 hours a day reading and reviewing questions and looking stuff up quickly that I needed clarification on. I feel that I am ready for the exams but still have so much to learn. I just found out about another on-line review that could be helpful. It is called Prodigy Anesthesia. This is an on-line review and workbook type thing. I checked it out and it seems very good. Highly recommended for someone that has more than a couple of days before the scheduled exam. Thanks to everyone for the well wishes. Our class will get together for a big party once these exams are over so every one will know about our success.

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Bees One Homeowner Zero

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After the first round its Bees One and Homeowner zero. The big patch job went well with steel wool closing up the main entrance to the Bee home in my home but the little buggers found a small crack in a seam between two fascia boards and went along their merry way yesterday flying in and out as usual. OK says Elmer Fud, “I’ll fix you little rascals, just watch me”.
This evening with caulking gun in hand and a grin on his face the wilily home-owner stole up the ladder in the closing darkness and squired a crap load of caulking in the offending joint sealing up the Bee home once and for all. At least until the morning when the Bees awaken and find another hole to get out of. So the saga continues with the Bees winning the Homeowner persistent. The tail of the battle for hearth and home continues.

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Bob Naruse – Faculty of the Year Award

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The University of Southern California program of nurse anesthetist awarded Bob Naruse, M.D. the faculty award this year. Dr. Naruse is staff anesthesiologist at Cedars Sinai Hospital where many of us do our neuro rotations. It is here that I met Dr. Bob and became acquainted with the low opioid techniques for craniotomy surgery that are routinely used there. Today several of our classmates were able to present the award to him in person. Unfortunately I was not able to attend but sent my best wishes and called him on the phone as a follow up.

Our lives have been enriched by his mentorship and example of excellence in patient centered anesthesia care. Thank you Dr. Bob Naruse and we will all make you proud. What follows is a letter I received from him after today’s presentation.

Dear ‘SC Class of 2006,I must admit that I am truly touched by your award. Working with such a distinguished group of anesthetists made my job easy and fun. I can’t remember a class that I’ve enjoyed more than yours. I know that each of you will be outstanding anesthetists for years to come and I want to congratulate each of you for the great achievement of completing graduate school. I am proud of you.

Please pass along your knowlege, especially that which is not in the textbooks. I know that eventually your colleagues will be impressed with your airway management skills as am I. You each are better than at least 90% of all anesthesia providers(MD’s or CRNA’s) including my partners. We owe it to our patients.

Take care and best wishes in the future. Fight On!!!

Yours truly,
Bob Naruse
Da cedarsgasman

So there you have it. This week many of us are studying for CCNA board exams. My test date is the 20th of this month. Pressure, a little, confidence, a lot. I will let you all know how our class does.

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Bees on the attack

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You got to check out this video about Ryans bee attack and his broken leg that resulted from the inocent bee. This is no joke.

I am about the venture forth and protect my home and hearth against the incideous invasion of the house snatchers. I just looked at this video prior to climbing up a 26 foot ladder into BEE terrietory. The next post will let you know how this came out. Pray for my soul……..please.

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Got a Bee in your bonnet? Well, Jennifer and I do or rather many bees in the coping of our house. About a week ago while we spent a long morning waking up one Saturday we noticed a lot of commotion outside our second story window. Later on I took a look outside and noticed that bees were coming and going about the yard. Looking at the second story coping I saw the little critters entering and exiting a small hole in the enclosed coping of the house where two surfaces come together. Maybe the gap in the fascia could have been prevented by better construction techniques, which knows. Got to love the Chinese don’t you. The fact remains that a swarm of bees has taken up residence with us and must be dealt with. Who among you has experience with this problem please come forward pronto?

Being the ever-curious person I took it upon myself to do a little investigation about bees. Honey bees are such productive little creatures never resting during the day but serving their queen tirelessly from first light until late dusk. I found this description somewhere on the web about honey bees.
HONEY BEES (Apis mellifera)

The honey bee was introduced into the United States in Colonial America. Honeybees are highly social insects and communicate with each other, relaying direction and distance of nectar and pollen sources. Bees make combs of waxen cells placed side by side that provide spaces to rear young and to store honey. The bee colony lives on the stored honey throughout winters, and therefore, can persist for years. When colony populations are high, the queen may move part of the colony to new harborage. Bees swarm at this time, usually finding hollow trees to begin their new colony, but they occasionally work their way into building wall voids.

Drones are male bees and they have no stingers. Drones do not collect food or pollen from flowers. Their sole purpose is to mate with the queen. Yaaaa Baby!! If the colony is short on food, drones are often kicked out of the hive. Oh No Mr. Bill!! Workers, which are the smallest bees in the colony, are undeveloped females. A colony can have up to 60,000 workers. The life span of a worker bee depends upon the time of year. Her life expectancy can be as long as 35 days. Workers feed the queen and larvae, guard the hive entrance and help to keep the hive cool by fanning their wings. Worker bees also collect nectar to make honey. In addition, honey bees produce wax comb. The comb is composed of hexagonal cells, which have walls that are only 2/1000 inch thick, but support 25 times their own weight.
Honey bees’ wings stroke over 11,000 times per minute, thus making their distinctive buzz.

A honey bee colony in a house wall can cause major problems. The bees can chew through the wall and fly inside. Their storage of large amounts of honey invites other bees and wasps. Their detritus (e.g., dead bees, shedded larval skins, wax caps from combs and other material) attracts beetles and moths. When a bee colony is found in a building wall, it must be killed. Killing can be accomplished in the same way as killing yellowjackets in wall voids is done. Listen to the bee noise from inside rooms to locate the exact position of the nest in the wall to assure that the whole colony is treated. After the colony is dead, remove the nest. If the nest is not removed, the wax combs — normally cooled by the bees — will melt and allow honey to flow down through the walls. Honey stain can never be removed; the walls will have to be replaced. As well, the freed honey attracts robber bees and wasps. The comb wax will attract wax moths that may persist for several years. The dead bees attract carpet beetles.

Sounds lovely doesn’t it! Well after checking with a few local joker experts, I have enlisted the help of a couple of fools to help me rid our house of its bee problem. Am I worried about the honey melting down our walls and attracting wax moths for years? Not really worried about this too much …. its only been a couple of weeks since the little muggers showed up and have not had time to build a new Trade Centre. So we will see what happens.

The plan is to stuff the gap in the coping full of steel wool after spraying the hell out of their little home with some local bee killer stuff I picked up today at the Ace hardware. The steel wool will keep the little rascals from eating their way out and others from finding their way in. I plan on closing the hole with some cement to permanently close up the gap. Welcome to the further adventures of the Average Man or is it Homer Simpson incognito.

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Letter from Seth

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I just received an email from Seth. He has not called in a couple of months while he has been touring Spain. This came in the mail today and supprised me very much. I just got off of the phone with an answering machine at the Caldwells.

Dad,Taylor Caldwell had a stroke and he might be paralizied in part of his face, I don’t know what is going on because I just found out. Please call the Caldwells and tell them that I love them and that I praying for them. I don’t have their numbers and i really want to talk to them. Dad I love you and please stay healtly, we have a lot of catching up to do- I love you so much.

much love

senor Seth

Taylor is one of my oldest and dearest friends. We really grew up together and raised our kids together for so many years. Recently we have drifted apart while I have been in school and he being so busy with the church. If I do not hear from Barb today I will call again this evening to find out how Taylor is. We have been through a lot together he and I.

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Nursing students have all the answers

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Here is a question for you: “Is it better to drink water or wine”? Well I have to turn to my nursing student colleges for the answer to this one. Follow the link for the science:

Water vs. Wine the ultimate matchup.

Ok…did not have time to follow the link, here is the bottom line. “It is better to drink wine and talk shit than to drink water and be full of shit.” If you want to understand this then follow the link.

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