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JoJo Just Graduated!

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Jennifer’s little dog JoJo just graduated from his basic dog training class at PetSmart this evening. He was terrific at his final and did so well. We are all so proud of our little guy. JoJo is a Brussels Griffin, a Terrier breed out of Belgium. This little guy has been a terrific addition to our family and we love him very much. JoJo is smart, affectionate and a little stubborn – just a perfect combination of pepper and spice that livens up our lives.

After we get back from our vacation in China we will take up continued education and training with the intermediate class where he will perfect the skills he has been introduced to and will learn “Heal” a difficutl skill for a young dog. Most of all we just love teaching him little tricks. He is the master at crawling and the hand shake.

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Last Clinical Day

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Its all finished folks. After two years and a lot of hard work the class of 2006 from the Keck School of Medicine department of Anesthesia has graduated the next group of nurse anesthetists. The University of Southern California program for nurse anesthetists has been terrific but I am so glad to be finally finished with this step in education.

After this weekend I will buckle down to several weeks of intensive study for board examinations. Following this Jennifer and I will take some time for ourselves before I start work November 1st. Isn’t life great!

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Out with the old and In with the new

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This Saturday evening Douglas and I had an early dinner together at the famous Irish Pub in Pasadena, Lucky Baldwins. We are winding down now from our clinical rotations with only eight days left to go before our graduation celebration September the 2nd. The University of Southern California program of Nurse Anesthesia has been a wonderfully difficult experience. The graduating class of 2006 is just about finished with course work and will be stretching our wings shortly. Pictures of the class can be perused at flickr.

Friends of Douglas joined us at Lucky Baldwins. What made this interesting is that Sonny and Dianne will be starting “The Program” this coming Monday and are part of the Class of 2008 program of nurse anesthesia at USC. During our early dinner at the Irish Pub we discussed and rehashed the trials and tribulations of being an anesthesia resident. All of the usual subjects came up that new students have. Its great now to be on the other side of this mountain. Douglas and the girls went off for an evening of “Pub Hopping” while I happily traveled home to be there when Jennifer came home from a long day at work.

Douglas and I have been having our study sessions and dinner now on Saturday evenings for the past several months now but I always make sure that I am home to greet wifey when she arrives home from work. This past evening we finally got around to talking about future work related things. No matter where we both end up we agreed to continue to meet regularly for bicycle riding and “Pub Hopping”. Next year Douglas his mother and I are planning on riding the RAGBRAI. For those that do not know, this is one of the oldest sponsored group rides in America. The ride across Iowa will be its 35 next year and I am looking forward to this get away 7 day trip. Douglas and I have planned this now for the past year and come next July we will be flying across those rolling Iowa hills. More to follow on this one.

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USC Degree has been conferred

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Congratulations to all around. This came in the mail today and to say that I am happy is the least of it. The long hard road through this part of our education is coming to an end while the broader path is open for us.
Right now I am going to make a few phone calls just to hear the cheers go up and see the streamers fly when people hear the news. This makes it official and the reality of actually graduating is sinking in. Maybe for others this has been a cakewalk but that has not been my experience. Anesthesia training is tough, rigorous and very demanding as it should be. To finally approach this milestone is… hmmmm…what is it? I guess my breathing is just coming a little easier now and the smile on my face will not leave for a long time it seems. That just about sums it up for me at the moment. Just like this picture of a happy birth that I was privileged to participate in, my joy is complete.


August 17, 2006

Dear Mr. David Roy Godden:

Congratulations! The Degree Progress Department is pleased to inform you that your Master of Science in Anesthesiology degree has been conferred and posted to your academic transcript at the University of Southern California. The conferral date of your degree is August 8, 2006.

Your diploma has been ordered and, unless you have requested that it be held for pick-up or you live in the 90007 zipcode, it will be mailed to your address of record. If you have not received your diploma by September 21, 2006 please contact the Degree Progress Department at (213) 740-7070.

If you require official confirmation of your degree, you can find information on ordering an official record verification by visiting There is a $5 charge per record verification. You can also find information on ordering an official transcript of your entire academic record, including your degree, by visiting There is an $8 charge per academic transcript.

Again, congratulations on this achievement. You have completed a demanding course of study and we are proud to have you join that select group of individuals who are graduates of the University of Southern California.

Degree Progress Department
University of Southern California

Our graduation ceremony will be September 2nd…just a couple of days…..Yippppy!!!! I will see all in clinical tomorrow bright and early. Only 10 days left of clinical rotations. For me its Big County general surgery in the morning.

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Zorba the Greek Returns

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Zorba the Greek has returned! Unless you have lived in a box for the past 20 years you know what this means. Euro trash is unleashed on Los Angeles in high style. My friend and co-conspirator Kemball has graced us with his presence for a couple of weeks before he is off again on a motorcycle trip to Alaska and salmon fishing with his buddies. OMG, is this guy too much or what. After several months in Europe and the mid east – I classify Greece as Mid East – he is back again and sporting long hair and the ever-increasing baldness of a Stud monster. I am so glad that Kembal is back. We had a great ride today together starting from Stan’s Monrovia Bike shop going through the usual South Pasadena coffee shop route and back through Sierra Madre and on to Monrovia and Arcadia.

Speaking of Stan’s Monrovia Bikes, I have to tell you a little story about Stan. Last Friday Stan had a Heart O’Tac…or rather a severe bonk on the bike stopping after 15 miles and driving himself to the hospital for a check up. Now what is that about…Let me see…I think I have chest pain and will just drive MY SELF to the hospital. I gave him a ration a crap for that one. After an angiogram just for kicks and a few liters of electrolyte replacement, “I feel just fine now thank you!” Dehydration and electrolyte imbalance were the messengers of chest pain and severe exhaustion for Stan. We are all so glad that his episode was nothing serious but the DRIVING MYSELF TO THE HOSPITAL thing has to be corrected for everyone and needs to be reinforced I think. We all stopped by Stan’s house on the way to Pasadena just to say, “We all love you Stan” and to harass him a little. After the angiogram he will be off of the bike for a week to let the groin heal a little. Actually I would like to see him bleed a little just to pay him back for the driving “himself to the hospital thing.” Next week it will be no mercy.
I took a couple of pictures today of a new bike to the group Sunday ride…fixed gear from Waterford in mauve no less. What a beautiful bicycle Mike got himself. I am in serious envy mode now and will have to fix that in the future fer sure dude. Here are a couple of pictures of the fixed gear that he sported today.

There are a bunch of pictures from the Sunday Riders at Stan’s Monrovia Bikes that are available here on the site. Today I have included a

couple of recent shots that you can view just by clicking the ‘More’ button

. Enjoy and Zorba On on ye me harties.

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Tic Tic Tic

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I received a wonderful email today from Gina my Pal with a capital P. As you may recall Gina has been a practicing doctor of chiropractice medicine and decided that this was not enough for her. We have now been classmates for two years in the anesthesia program at the University of Southern California and will be graduating soon….this month in fact. This short note came today in an email from her which I just had to share. I will get back to you about what has been going on with me and why it has taken me so long for any new posting on this web site. Her letter follows. Thank you Gina for for your friendship and genius. You have been an inspiration to me.

Dear Class,
The clock is ticking my dear friends and we are so close to the end, my pulse is quickening as I type this. My very best hopes and wishes for all of you as you start your careers. You are such an amazing, talented group of people, and it has been a tremendous privilege to know you and experience this adventure with you. If ever I can be of service or help to any of you, please never hesitate to call.Which brings me to the point of my email. We are spending our last moments as the class of 2006, and already are starting to spread our wings; we know amy is headed to the great Northwest, and several others are looking across the country for our first positions (Aloha, Manda Manda?). I would like to propose that we elect one of us as a point of contact person for the Great and Wonderous USC Class of 2006; someone whom we could email or call for current contact info on a classmate. Douglas won’t have that email address forever [unless he starts an affair with Dr. McDonaugh (sp)], and I’m pretty sure Helen will be getting a new address and phone number once she’s married. I know from past experience, as I’m sure you all do, how quickly a class can get scattered to the winds, all the more so with a profession such as ours where mobility is a key feature.
Is there any of us who would proclaim themselves stable enough for such a role? If I want to know what Joy’s new email address is, or Lunsford’s phone number, who could I call? Keep in mind that we could be using each other for letters of reference as our careers develop. Or in the case of Lunsford, I might just be thirsty and want to have a beer with my old friend from USC (Downtown Brown, of course). Remember part of why we chose USC was for the alumni connection. Since it’s not bloody likely most of us will be active in the USC Alumni Association proper, let’s create our own little Association. Let’s stay connected.
I immediately thought of either David Godden or Karen for the role, as they are both Uberorganized, and soon to be entrenched, I mean immersed at LAC/UH, which sounds pretty stable to me. Either of you interested? Somebody else feeling ultra stable and want to volunteer? I just don’t want to risk losing touch with this group of people I have learned to love like family (without the hairpulling, namecalling, and clothes borrowing dysfunction).
BTW, Karen, Godden, and Manda Manda, Dr. Yasafusifusi from Cedars spoke very highly of you today.
Have a great finale everybody. Looking forward to seeing you on the 2nd.
gina~ They can’t stop the clock!

So there you have it from Gina. You are such a peach. My bet is that Gina will be world famous one of these days. She has that special something, the charisma and intellect to really make things happen. It has been such a gift meeting her and the rest of the friends that I have made during these last two difficult years.

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