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Valley Anesthesia Review in Ohio

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Valley Anesthesia Review course for those that know is a great three day review for preparing for the CRNA certification exam given by the AANA. This certification exam is a very extensive computer controlled test prepared for the graduate nurse anesthetist. Unlike our physician colleges we cannot practice our profession of Nurse Anesthesia without national certification……you did know that physicians can practice anesthesia without Board Certification, we cannot.

Valley Anesthesia Review

One of the great things about going across the country for this kind of review course is that you run into old friends. Josette was here in Ohio for the review course. You may recall that she is from the nurse anesthesia program at Buffalo New York. It was so great to see her and meet her friends from their program. I did not take too many pictures while at the Review Course but what I have is uploaded to flickr.

Four of us from the University of Southern California along with another one hundred and fifty some odd other graduating students sat, studied and listened to the lectures and presentation given at the Marriott Airport Hotel in Cleveland Ohio this past weekend. Todd, Elisha Christy and I traveled together from Los Angeles to Ohio this past Thursday for the review course. The presentation of the review material was excellent and gave us all a plan of action for studying for the certification exam that will come up for us in another 9 or 10 months or so. That is plenty of time to get a really good handle on all of this material. The amount of information is exhaustive and is the summation of years of studying.

The best story I heard this weekend was about this Navy guy taking the review course with us. After completing his two and a half year program and thousands hours of clinical it all comes down to this one comprehensive exam. If he does not pass on the first try the US Military will ship him out to the front lines where ever as a staff RN. OH MY GOD, can you imagine that pressure. At least we can get a second shot at the certification exam if we do not pass it the first time. Well, we will all pass and go on with our careers so that is not even an option. How would you like that kind of pressure on you after several intense years of studying……pass this exam son or to the front lines with you for two years. Actually, it’s not a problem.

Elisha and DG have been getting up at O’Dark thirty every morning to get our seats in the conference room. The first morning I got into the great hall which was almost as dark as the outside landscape here in Ohio to see a figure way down in front huddled over her books preparing for the start of the day. I thought that I was nuts to get there so early but I guess Elisha and I are of the same mind. You know, “The Early Bird………..catches the worm.

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Creamy Chocolate Coffee

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Coffee drink recipe.

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Great Infusions Barista CoffeeCup Cookie

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CoffeeCup Cookie recipe.

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Roy and Inge’s Wedding Bicycle Ride

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This morning Roy and Inge were married before the informal group gathered at the Velo Monrovia Bicycle Shop. Roy and Inge led out the bicycle ride that followed to Claremont where cake and Champaign was served. All of the pictures are available at flickr and if you sign up for an account with flickr – which is free by the way – you will be able to download the original size pictures which make for great prints.

Roy and Inge's wedding

After the wedding Roy and Inge led out the bicycle club for a ride along the foothills. Today was really wonderful for bicycle riding. The forecast called for partly cloudy weather with chances of rain tomorrow but the weather proved terrific. After the sun came up the warm Santa Anna breezes kept us all warm for the ride up to Claremont.

Roy and Inge's Wedding

The bike path served us all well today while we beat the trail upward. Inge is out in front leading the way with her bridal vale in the wake. Maybe someone should have tied a few cans to a string and attached them to the back of her bicycle frame to slow her down a bit. We all had a hard time keeping up with her youthful vitality today. Roy and the rest of us will be hard pressed to keep up with her now!

Roy and Inge's Wedding Ride

After finally arriving in the quant city of Claremont where they are celebrating the Harvest Day Festival we stopped for coffee, Champaign and the cake cutting. Frank and I have been having a contest at who can keep their weight down and maintain it so both of us forbade the cake but it sure smelled good. A glass of Champaign for the toast went well with the coffee.

Roy and Inge's Wedding

Thank you Roy and Inge for including us in your wedding. It was such a privilege to be a part of your special day and bicycle ride calibration. Sunday we will be back at it for another short ride from Stan’s bicycle shop in Monrovia. The ride today was leisurely so all of us may have some extra energy for the ride Sunday morning.

Roy and Inge will be going on a honeymoon and will be taking a trip to Europe fairly soon when their respective vacations come due. We wish them both a wonderful life together and all of the happiness that they deserve.

Roy and Inge's Wedding

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Seth Goes to Spain

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My son Seth is now a world traveler or at least a European traveler. I have never been to Europe – a distressing fault I mean to mend once anesthesia school is finished. Seth came up with this idea to quit his job and apartment in New York City to search the Spanish World for what? Adventure and romance what else comes to mind? At first I thought the idea was crazy but after thinking about it for a couple of weeks I kind of like the idea now. Maybe this is something that I should have done when I was young and single – who knows that was another generation and time – the Viet Nam war was raging and people were somehow different back in the late 1960’s.

So today I am thinking that I will not hear from him in a while. Seth does not have a cell phone that will work in Spain so what happens – the remarkable – email! I received an email from my son today which I will share with you:


I sent you an email but I had your address wrong. I just figured out the error and I’m now able to send you mail and I’ll write again soon.

Dad, this place is amazing; at first I was very concerned that I got myself into something that I couldn’t handle. When I arrived at the airport in Barcelona I didn’t know what bus to take or where to the find the station and they only info I had was the area of the hostel. I had already forgotten the name and left the hostel’s info at home. So I was freaking out because NOBODY spoke English. I finally found a steward and she told what bus to take to the Ramblas, which is the area where I am staying. I haven’t explored that much of the city yet, but the Ramblas is so cool with bars and restaurants every where and I can walk to the beach; and let me tell you, swimming in the Mediterranean Sea for the first time was one of the best feelings in my life?

I have made friends with my roommates in the hostel and have been going out at night with them. In fact this girl from London and I are going to go around the city together and check out parks and museums. Last night I went to an opening of a studio where they teach English to kids through art. I met this girl Kate online at craigslist while I was in NY, and I will be renting a room from in her flat in Gracia. Kate works in the studio at night and invited me to the party. The locals here are so clam and down to earth, really awesome people.

I met this older married couple that came to Barcelona from the states and explained to me how to get a residence visa. They took my email and are going to send me all the information to apply for the visa. So while I am working in South Beach for the winter I am going to apply for the visa; it takes a couple of months to get approved and you can’t apply for the visa if you are in the country so I am thinking about going to Argentina for the Spring while everything gets sorted out. It all about the Spanish speaking countries, yeah!

I love you Dad, slap Jen on the ass for me.


How great is that Seth and I will take your suggestion under advisement! There will be more installments from the European Traveler. For those interested craigslist is a great way to find people and housing. Maybe the FEMA should try using it. I post it here just as a hint to the Administration.

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Roy and Inge’s Engagement

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This afternoon we had a great treat. Stan and the Velo Monrovia Bicycle Group had a party at which Roy and Inge announced their intentions to marry. The entire party can be viewed at the Slide Show at flickr.

For those that want to down-load the pictures the best way is first see the flickr Slide Show and view the individual pictures. It is possible to view them in all sizes at flickr. Downloading the largest sizes make for great prints if you are so inclined. The pictures are in the range of 1700 X 1200 to 2000 X 1300 pixels at flickr which should be more than adequate for 8 X 10 inch prints while the 4 X 6 inch prints are stellar. Follow the link at flickr to see the entire set of pictures. For the pictures that are on the web site here you can double click them for a larger image.

Roy and Inge
Roy Inge and the Old Man Stan

Jennifer had a chance to get a big hug from Stan and I know that she was looking forward to that as all of the girls do. We had a great time meeting with all of the riders from the informal club that meets at the Velo Monrovia Bicycle shop.

Stan and Jennifer
Stan with Jennifer Godden

Roy and Inge’s wedding is planned for this coming Saturday just prior to the regular scheduled bicycle ride to parts unknown. The camera will be there at the wedding 7:30 in the morning for the informal ceremony before the bicycle ride to great highway route 66 of life. Now this is living. The bicycle ride scheduled for 8:00 AM will leave on time so be early to take part in the informal ceremony per Inge.

Inge was radiant this afternoon.

Besides the great party and comradery by the entire group, the wine tasting bench had a whole cacophony around it discussing the finer points for cheap wine from Trader Joes. My contribution to the general conviviality were a couple of bottles of Torres Especial Table wine from Spain. Now this is really living.

Wine Tasting
The Busy Wine Tasting Bench

So next Saturday bright and early with camera in hand and bicycle gear at the ready the Monrovia cyclists will converge on Stan’s Bicycle Shop for a wedding and celebration ride to somewhere great. Now who could refuse and invitation like that?

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How many is a brazillion?

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I received an email today with a little story in it curtsey of Karen Embrey. This is classic. Now you know that I tend to stay away from things that are too political but this is just too funny not to pass along. Enjoy:

Donald Rumsfeld is giving the president his daily briefing.

He concludes by saying:?” Yesterday, 3 Brazilian soldiers were

“OH NO!” the President exclaims. “That’s terrible!” His staff sits
stunned at this display of emotion, nervously watching as the
President sits, head in hands.

Finally, the President looks up and asks, “How many is a brazillion?”

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CANA Conference in Monterey

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This past weekend Todd and I drove up to the CANA (California Association of Nurse Anesthetists) Fall Conference in Monterey. After a long day in the operating room on Thursday we took off for the Central California sea coast. We had to be at the business meeting bright and early Friday morning to witness the goings on partly for a school project and also to get the low down on what is really happening to our wonderful state of California in the anesthesia world.

Todd driving to Monterey

The conference was not all business meetings and lecture. Todd and I were able to get out Saturday for lunch down at the wharf in Monterey Cannery row district for a sea side munch-out. We both were off of our tofu diets for the weekend. There is always next week to get back on the program of exercise and healthy living but this was a weekend to relax a bit. Both of us have been under a lot of strain from the demands of clinical rotations and needed a bit of a break.

Lunch in Monterey

During the conference we were able to hobnob with some of the great names in California history of nurse anesthesia but mostly we were there just to soak up the atmosphere. As seniors this year I think that both Todd and I have relaxed a bit and are enjoying these conferences a bit more than last year. The attendance in the Northern Californian meetings this fall seemed a bit down from last year but the tides on the shores on Monterey remind me that these things go in cycles anyway so not to worry. This coming spring should really be a big CANA conference some where nice. From what I have heard the next CANA conference is going to be in Palm Springs so we have that to look forward to.

USC students and faculty at CANA

One of the great things for me at the CANA conference is all of the vendors and the booths that are set up. The book seller was there with the new editions of Barash’s Clinical Anesthesia Fifth edition as well as the new Stoelting Pharmacology and Physiology in Anesthetic Practice. These are two of the must have books in my library. The new editions at first glance look like good investments especially the Barash text which has gone through extensive review. Keeping an up-to-date anesthesia library can be a daunting task but while I am a student I have determined to keep the most current texts available to me. Later on during clinical practice I will have to see which texts and books I upgrade with new editions but for now I am committed to this. These texts are so new that Amazon does not have them listed but you can see the links to the older texts in my Anesthesia Library list.

To view all of the pictures that I saved from the trip – well not all of the pictures but some of them anyway – you can see the Slide Show at flickr.

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