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Power Outage at LAC-USC and New Student Interviews

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Generators are a good thing especially in hospitals. This last week the eastern edge of Los Angeles experienced a power outage that lasted for a couple of hours and shut down the operating rooms at LAC-USC hospital. Well, shut down is not the exact word for it really; we were interrupted by the power outage.

It was a beautiful sunny morning in Los Angeles; the birds were singing and the hillsides never greener after all of the rain that we have received in the past several months. Surgery had been planned this morning for a young girl with a pelvic fracture that occurred during a motor vehicle accident a week ago. I had just induced general anesthesia and intubated this 17 year old girl when the lights in the operating room went out. She had been sitting in the back seat of a parked car several days before when a bus slammed into the side of the sitting car injuring all of the passengers. This sweet high school student and her family had been waiting for her pelvic fracture surgery for a couple of days now. She had an unstable pelvis and today the orthopedic surgical team was planning to stabilize her SI joint (sacroiliac) with pins. We were just about to turn her to the prone position when the lights went out. Read More→

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If you have found this site after searching for stuff related to Nurse Anesthesia, you have found the right place. Well, you have found nearly the right place. I have moved to new software and am using WordPress at The Average Man where you may find that the story continues.

I also moderate the web site that is dedicated to all things pertianing to nurse anesthesia. There you may find comments and information from a variety of people involved in the field of nurse anesthesia.

I look forward to seeing you on the new sites. Have fun and be happy or you can consider the alternatives.

David Godden

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The Old Extremist Site

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The Extremist Site from Blogger is now active once again. I thought that it had died an ignoble death of a tired soldier, unloved and abandoned forever but it lives on! The links are back on track and the old Blog is once again accessible.

I will be using the new and improved WordPress for site management here and will be keeping the ‘Average Man’ active for posts in the future. For historical purposes only, the older ‘Extremist’ site will remain accessible.

I don’t know who came up with that name ‘Extremist’ anyway. That was just a year or so back and I was just experimenting with the Blogger software and came up with something silly. There is your explanation if you needed one.

Thank you Ruben of for fixing the permission problem I was having with the site. If anyone wants Hosting contact Ruben at

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Robert at the University Hospital

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Robert Olson my pal from UCLA and fellow classmate at USC is sick and in the hospital at the University Hospital. He came to school Monday with a swollen peritonsillar abscess and went to the student health center for an appointment. He was admitted by the ENT fellow on the spot for IV antibiotics and observation. Robert has been at the University Hospital now for two days and slowly improving. No interventions yet except antibiotics. I thought that by now they would have drained that abscess in the back of his throat and gotten him home. What do I know? He will be NPO after midnight and possibly go to the OR in the morning for and I & D of the abscess.

Half a dozen of us went over to the U. after lecture this afternoon to wish him well and to see that he was well taken care of. This evening I called him and he sounded like he was doing alright. Most likely he will miss the rest of this weeks clinical rotations at LAC-USC. He has not requested anything but the offer is there from many of his classmates to bring whatever he can think of for comfort and entertainment.

Robert is such a good person, his whole class wishes him well.

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Clinical Seminar for Pharmacology

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School at USC is never boring. This week we are scheduled for our group Clinical Pharmacology Group Seminar presentations. The fearsome Sixsome is presenting first. The group includes Anya, Christy, Amy, Todd, myself and Amanda. Our Case Study involves a woman that has a few problems, well here it is:

A 45 year old woman had a known history of diabetes for 30 years. She is scheduled for emergency surgery for tuboobarian abscess. She is a current smoker with a 25 pack year history, is overweight (5’2″, 90 kg), hypertension and a history of irritable airway disease. Her current medications include Regular crystalline insulin at 35 Units/day SQ; Amlodipine and Albuterol inhaler as needed.

So what do we do with this woman? The main issues need to be addressed in our anesthetic work up and include: Read More→

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The Average Man by George Essex Evans

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HIS hat looks worn, and his coat-sleeves shine,
As I see him step from his ’bus at nine;
His boots are pieced and his tie home-made,
And his trousers patched where the edge was frayed,
And his face is lined by the stress of life
Where a man must fight for his bairns an wife.
“Who’s that?” I ask, as his face I scan.
And the answer comes—“O, an average man.”

He has not got notes, he has not got gold,
But his homely lunch, in his handbag old;
And day by day, as the seasons go,
He follows his duty to and fro,
And shadows follow him everywhere—
Grim want, and worry, and dread are there,
For life is not on a gorgeous plan—
Far, far from it—to the average man.

The floods, the banks, and the curtailed screw,
The weekly bills, and the grasping Jew,
The servant’s wage and the doctor’s fee,
And the needful change by the breezy sea,
And the pent-up hours at the desk, which mean
A man’s brain changed to a mere machine,
And a wife’s tired eyes and the children wan,
All press like lead on the average man.

When the blood is up ’tis a simple thing
To charge where the bombs and the bullets sing.
But he is worthy a higher place
Who fronts his woes with a smiling face,
For the noblest strife in our life to-day
Is the humdrum fight in the humdrum way.
O, wealth and genius may lead the van,
But the hero is often an average man.

by George Essex Evans
1863 – 1909

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